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Did you know that 70% of users search Google for a product or service in their own city?

We can help you to be a reference in your sector for searches close to your area, with Local SEO positioning strategies.


Local SEO Cyprus

Be in the right place at the right time

We create your personalized digital strategy to give visibility to your business on the internet and increase your sales. We focus on getting results. Technology is useless if we do not achieve the priority objective: Help you boost your business. We carry out continuous monitoring to ensure that we are achieving the goals set: Position your company on the internet and make it visible.

The relevance of a local SEO Cyprus audit lies in the fact that it understands and commits to all the elements that make up a website.

We prepare a detailed report on the current local positioning of your website, and we take care of solving all the points:

- Indexability and crawling
- Internal structure
- Optimization of content-oriented to local SEO
- Keywords or keywords
- WPO performance
- Link building

More traffic, more people, and more sales.

What can I achieve with Local SEO?

Increase visibility locally

Local SEO optimization aims to better position your business for local searches.

Increase your notoriety

You will get more local notoriety if you appear above your competition in local searches.

Attract a new audience

Let new customers know about your business thanks to local searches.

Drive action from users

Contacting the business, visiting it, or making an appointment are some of the intentions behind local searches.

SEO Guarantee

If you have a local business in Cyprus and you want to be visible to all the people who may be interested in your products or services, one of the most effective strategies is to position your business on Google Maps, that is, to do local SEO. Now, to launch a Local SEO strategy that works, you have to meet a series of requirements. First of all, your website must be found on Google Maps. Other factors to take into account, such as the On-Page optimization of your website, will be essential to achieving the visibility objectives in your locality.

Advantages of Local SEO for your business in Cyprus?

Google will normally show you the business closest to your location. But be careful, sometimes it can offer another result, a competitor who has implemented Local SEO strategies will appear in the first position and you will surely go to visit him. The great advantage of positioning yourself in google with local SEO is being visible to people who are interested in your product or service and usually need to hire/buy almost immediately.

It is the best strategy to get clients that a local business can implement.

Local SEO Cyprus


Doing Local SEO is the process of optimizing and positioning a website and making it appear in search results in your area (Local Pack) with the aim of generating visibility and getting customers for a physical business, whether it is dedicated to the sale of products or services.

That is, when a person close to your business searches for your product or service, they find you.

Now you know, if you have a Local business, the first visibility strategy for your business is to do Local SEO.

The local pack is a section within the Google search results page, it appears when a user searches for a product or service and in response, Google shows a map with photos and 3 geolocated search results. These results are usually the most relevant to the user.

As a general rule, they appear above the first organic results in Google.

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google to help a company link its business with the environment.

This google tool allows you to add important information about your business, such as contact information, who we are, location, contact and opening and closing hours for the public.

The main objective of Google My Business is to offer greater visibility to your business on the internet and make it easier for your customers to find you.

One of the advantages offered by Google My Business is being able to manage as a business owner the reviews that users leave on Google, know their ratings and carry out various tasks with the management of the physical presence of your business on the Internet.

If you want to gain visibility in the Google local pack, you have to take several factors into account:

1. Proximity: For Google to show your business to a user, their location is essential.

For this reason it is very important to have a consistent NAP (name, address and telephone number of your business) together with a well-optimized Google My Business tab, in this way you will avoid Google doubting your location.

2. Popularity: At this point, the reviews left by a customer on Google are essential along with reviews from third parties such as Facebook and Tripadvisor.

Mentions along with social signals, brand searches will be taken into account by Google.

3.Relevance: It can be measured through different options.

The data of your GMB file
SEO factors on page of your website.
User interaction and behavior with your business.

SEO on page is the optimization of a website to position itself in the google search engine and in this way get qualified traffic that must then be converted into customers.

You have to make it easy for Google to understand and use your website in its search engine.

Many factors influence this, such as keywords used, web loading speed, headers, URLs, content, images, etc.

To strengthen the positioning of your website, it is necessary to get links from local websites, so Google will give more value when considering that they come from the same city.

It is also important to get authority links from other websites with a similar theme to your industry.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is a Google platform, whose main purpose is to help users find local businesses and businesses. At our Local SEO agency, we optimize your profile on Google My Business to give a strong boost to your local presence.

Local SEO On Page
The Local SEO On Page aims to reinforce the local SEO of your business, optimizing various aspects within your website, such as:

- Generation of landings focused on positioning locally
- Content optimization and linking
- Keyword research for local searches and voice searches
- Structured data implementation
- Geolocation of images

Local Off-Page SEO
This expression includes all the actions that we carry out with our website facing abroad. They are those that involve, in some way, interaction with third parties that will make it easier for us to position ourselves within our field or sector.

- Brand image
- Link building
- Local directories
- External linking profile review

Local SEO Cyprus


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